Living Life to the Fullest

November 21, 2017

Life is made up of a series of choices. It is nice to think that everyone has the same options and opportunities, but that is simply not the case. No matter what life throws at you or at what age, you still have choices to make. The bottom line is simple –trying to be the best person you can be is a determining factor in how fulfilled your life will feel.

We are all part of a greater community

The first thing everyone has to realize is that we may be individuals, but we are part of a larger group. At first, that group is small – our family. If we are blessed with a happy, stable family, our choices tend to be easier. We have an example to follow and should learn about being concerned with more than our own particular needs.

  • Children need love, support and structure to realize that there are basic principles that need to be adhered to in order to have a stable society.
  • Young adults need responsibility to learn that the world is not there to take care of them but that they, in fact, will be called upon to keep society moving forward.
  • Adults need recognition for jobs well done but also to share their successes with those around them.

Is there right and wrong?

From the beginning of time, the larger group has made decisions about what is acceptable behavior for that group. In today’s complex world view, there are a number of sources for the answer.

  • Religious practices
  • Cultural traditions
  • Local, regional and national laws

In a simplistic scenario, it could be said that if you can live your life and provide for your family without harming another person or group, you are living a “right life”. When greed, prejudice or the thirst for power play a role in your decision making, the “wrong” choices are made and the individual suffers by then always needing a little bit more.

Dealing with the variety of choices

Living a fulfilled life is about feeling good about what you have done and not just feeling good. Feelings are fleeting but true fulfillment comes from knowing that you have had a positive influence on your world. Just think of the character Scrooge in Dickens’ famous story! That does not mean that everyone has to work for a charity or serve in a soup kitchen, but making someone else smile or feel better about themselves leaves a positive feeling that can be the basis for a way of life that is rewarding and provides limitless potential for personal satisfaction and growth.

  • Develop a positive, caring personal philosophy.
  • Take action to move forward with the good of the group in mind.
  • Love yourself but spread that warmth to family, friends and the community in general.
  • Take the time to feel gratitude and to express it as well.
  • Look for new things to try and opportunities to reach out to share your positive energy.

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