How to Best Clean, Store, and Shine Your Treasured Jewelry

August 10, 2018

How to Best Clean, Store, and Shine Your Treasured Jewelry

We stand behind our jewelry, however, like any piece of jewelry worn regularly, care is always required. Follow these simple steps to increase the longevity of all of your Lindastars jewelry and prevent damage or loss.

General Jewelry Care Quick Tips

  • Wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth to remove daily buildup of oils and dirt
  • Wash your Lindastars jewelry with warm water and a drop of gentle soap, dry with a soft cloth
  • Apply perfume and all other beauty products and cosmetics before wearing your jewelry
  • Jewelry cleaners are very harsh and contain abrasives, use a polishing cloth instead
  • The best way to store necklaces is to hang each separately to avoid tangling and damage
  • Make sure every piece is clean and dry before storing it
  • Always remove your jewelry before swimming, showering, exercising or using household cleaning products
  • Store your jewelry in an airtight box or bag, or in a lined jewelry box to help prevent tarnishing

Caring for Sterling Silver

Silver is a soft metal that can easily scratch, so it shouldn’t be rubbed too briskly. Use a soft cotton or flannel cloth to gently remove dirt, makeup, and oils. Never use anything other than a clean 100% cotton cloth or a sterling silver cleaning cloth, or if needed, a soft-bristle toothbrush or a horsehair silver brush. Coarse fabrics and polyester often contain wood fibers or synthetics that can cause tiny scratches in the surface of your sterling silver jewelry. Dirt from previous cleanings or dirt trapped in the cleaning cloth can also scratch the surface, so make sure to use a clean cloth and wipe thoroughly.

Also, please do not use silver dips or cleaners on your sterling silver for removing tarnish, as these products can leave microscopic pits that will cause the silver to darken even faster. Instead, practice preventative care with regular gentle cleaning and storage of silver pieces in a closed box or pouch, because silver tarnishes when exposed to air.

Caring for Cubic Zirconia Stones

Use a soft cotton or flannel cloth to gently remove dirt, makeup, and oils from your jewelry. Use straight back and forth strokes when using a polishing cloth, do not rub in a circular motion as that can cause scratches in the surface of the jewelry. Use a gentle cleaning solution or a drop of soap and warm water to remove dirt and oils. To reach crevices use a cosmetic applicator or cotton swabs.

You can also use steam to loosen dirt from the stones. Make sure to use gloves and tongs to hold your jewelry over a kettle or pot of hot water to avoid burns. Once steamed, use a polishing cloth or a soft cotton cloth to clean, polish, and dry your jewelry.

The third option is to use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, which is inexpensive and can produce professional results in cleaning jewelry, watches, and glasses.

Caring for Rhodium Plated Silver

Many of our silver items are rhodium plated to increase sparkle and shine, prevent tarnishing, and increase longevity. Rhodium is a hard and durable precious metal from the platinum family of metals, and gives jewelry a white and shiny appearance similar to white gold. Rhodium plating can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Rinse and dry with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth immediately to avoid mineral residue from the water. Never use chemicals, silver dips, ammonia-based products or toothpaste, and never brush with a toothbrush. Do not use polishing cloths that aren’t specifically meant to be used on rhodium plating, and don’t use an ultrasonic cleaner.

Use one part mild soap and three parts water, soak the jewelry for no more than 10 minutes, rub with your fingers, rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth. Take care to prevent scratches when wearing.

Caring for Gold Plated Jewelry

Hard surfaces, cosmetics, cleaners, and abrasive materials can cause gold plated jewelry to scratch and cause the gold layer to wear away faster. Store gold plated jewelry in a velvet pouch or lined jewelry box to prevent scratching. Gently wipe your gold plated jewelry with a damp cotton cloth or use a non-abrasive polishing cloth and gently rub to clean and restore shine. You can take your gold plated jewelry to a local jeweler to replace the gold layer when it begins to show signs of wear.

Caring for Stainless Steel

Steel jewelry is very durable and can resist a lot of wear and tear, unlike silver, which is a soft metal. Stainless steel jewelry will not rust, and although not as quickly as silver, it can still tarnish over time depending on how it is used. Avoid all contact with chemicals (cleaners, cosmetics, perfumes) and abrasive materials to extend its longevity. To clean your stainless steel jewelry or keychains use a few drops of mild soap or dishwashing detergent with warm water. Wipe it dry using a soft cloth.

Caring for Copper Jewelry

Clean copper-based jewelry as often as needed to remove oil, water, dirt, and cosmetics. Gently rub with a damp soft cotton cloth after wearing, and store in a lined pouch or jewelry box to prevent scratching. Take care to keep your copper-based jewelry away from hard surfaces and abrasive materials, as well as cosmetics. Always apply perfume and beauty products before wearing your jewelry. Prevent contact with chemicals, water, and cleaning products to extend its longevity, and do not shower or wash your hands with your copper-based jewelry.

We truly want your Lindastars jewelry to look beautiful on you and we hope these tips will help you keep it this way for years and years to come!

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