Forgiveness Lifts a Burden You Do Not Need to Carry

November 21, 2017 1 Comment

Everyone has been hurt by someone or something in the past. It is a simple fact of life, but what is not so simple is getting over the resulting feelings.

  • Some people want to get even or “pay back” the source of their distress.
  • Some people spend the rest of their lives complaining that life is not fair.
  • Some people become perpetual “victims”, assuming that they deserve to feel badly.
  • Some people forgive and move on with their lives.

Not everyone can get an apology

It is often the case that wrongs happen to people and there is no chance for an apology. Children don’t realize that they have been hurt by a parent or other family member until later in life and the offending party has moved on or passed away. There are accidents where there is no one to blame and therefore no one to offer an apology. It is also possible that the person or group who is responsible for your pain has no idea that they inflicted harm or that they did so intentionally and would not be likely to make amends.

There are random acts of violence, natural catastrophes and other every-day issues that we may suffer through by just living in a busy, complex world and no one can say anything to make it feel better. Words from outside sources just can’t make up for what has been done to us and expecting fairness in an uncertain world won’t change anything.

As the saying goes, stuff happens

As human beings, we must accept the fact that no one is perfect so mistakes will happen all along the course of our lives. We hurt people, even without realizing it, and don’t apologize, so we have to acknowledge the fact that others may not have harmed us on purpose.

Even when the pain we feel arises from an intentional slight, it is often more prudent to let the incident pass and not make things worse by demanding restitution.

This does not mean that we should automatically tolerate rude or inappropriate behavior, however. It does mean that there is a time and a place for a response and the present moment is usually not that time or that place.

A stronger “you” makes forgiveness easier

It is sad to say, but many children are not taught the value of forgiving others for simple wrongs and those who suffer grievous harm have no recourse to the emotional support needed to learn how to cope. As adults, we can find appropriate help from many sources such as counseling, religious leaders, support groups and on-line advocates.

There are some basic steps, though, that can help everyone move closer to being forgiving and lightening the burden of anger and pain that has been carried for too long.

  • Realize that revenge never restores what was lost or hurt and can lead to even more harm.
  • Understanding that the past is over and the future can always be better.
  • Learning to live with ourselves and finding our inner peace protects us from casual hurts.
  • Setting boundaries with family, friends and co-workers establishes guidelines that people can either abide by or they can be excluded from our lives.
  • Turning to a higher power and having faith helps us realize that we are not alone.

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Deana Haynes
Deana Haynes

April 26, 2018

I want to be A Stronger person & have my Sister in Heaven be my Guardian Angel

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