Bereavement and Grief are Just Steps on the Path of Life

November 21, 2017

We all experience loss at some point in our lives – some sooner, some later – but it is something no one can avoid. Our society does not teach us to handle this difficult process but with the help of friends and the wisdom of others who have gone through the experience, it is not impossible to get through.

Loss comes in all forms

For many people, the first loss is often a beloved pet. While many people don’t own a pet or understand the attachment of other people to theirs, a pet is a companion and friend whose loss creates a void in the owner’s life.

There are obviously much more devastating losses like the passing of a child or a spouse at a young age. Parents, siblings, and the surviving spouse wonder how life can possibly go on because such a loss is almost beyond comprehension. Not that it is really any easier, parents and grandparents pass away, but even after good, long lives, their absence is still keenly felt.

Comfort is actually all around

Coping with the death of a loved one often leaves the survivor feeling lost and alone. Friends and other family members can only help so much so it is important for anyone who has suffered a loss to look for other ways to overcome the sadness and grief.

  • Seek advice from clergy or a counselor
  • Become involved in a support group
  • Engage in some new activity
  • Read about spirituality and overcoming grief
  • Look inside for peace and understanding
  • Sort through memories, pictures and personal belongings

As you begin to process the feelings associated with your loss, embrace your feelings and accept that they are normal. You eventually get to the point of feeling better, working through the changes in your life and coming to terms with the loss in a way that provides you with a sense of acceptance and hope for the future.

There is hope

The important thing for everyone to remember is that there is hope and your life does go on. As a tribute to the love you have lost, make it the best possible life you can, just as you would have if the loss had not occurred. Even if you have to pretend at first, know that your loved one is looking down and wishing you the best – not wanting to see you hurting or losing yourself to your grief.

Find uplifting sayings

There are many opportunities to read uplifting messages of hope and love that keep your good memories and feelings toward your departed loved one close. Choose some sayings that make you feel happy and relieved of the burden of sadness. Look at items in a store or make them into bookmarks, pictures, jewelry or anything else that you can see or touch regularly. Let these objects serve as a constant reminder that death is not the end but just a door that has closed for one and will open again for a joyful reunion.

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